Wednesday, January 7, 2009

silly bone

i'm procrastinating. so i wanted to share this funny funny wedding idea.

 its so silly... i saw it on a wedding blog i found through my sweet + talented friend kara's blog.... (you know how the chain of surfing the web can be- it just sucks you in!!! like a mustash. ew!) and the mustashes are extra funny to me today after i answered my random question on my blogger profile. if you think this is silly like me, then look at ange thielk's etsy page. she makes hilarious custom beards. here's a pic of our seven year old, T, wearing a stash, too. he was four years old in this shot. i'm going to go read him a story now. we're enjoying the tale of desperaux. night y'all.
 these silly crocheted stashes are from an adorable blog i just found- (several moments after this entry was originally written) the things i saw on this lovely little page made me swoon... (not hard being that tomorrow is valentine's day and i am functioning on 3 hours of sleep after pouring my heart out to all i adore- who's address i keep!) be sure to check out: Wunderkammer!

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{kara} said...

isn't the ritzy bee blog awesome? I get so many great ideas from there. Hope to see you soon Lizzie!