Wednesday, January 7, 2009

oooooh nine!

happy O-nine! here's new inspiration for some lovely art: i found this today in the new york times. but first, can i just say, my goodness!!!!? what in God's green earth is this amazing man, jeff scher??? is he really a human- well the answer is obvious- yes-indeedily-do! there would be no other way he could capture the human heart and love in such sentimental ways.... 
please take a look at this article and play the clip: you won't remember this either by jeff scher + enjoy. oooooooooooooooh, i heart jeff scher & his amazing works. but, of course you can you see why. his amazing way with subjects, color, music, composition, line & movement, the way he captures the familiar and sneaks sweet surprises into the film. i dream of having a wall of his works. for the love- tulips makes me swoon.

okay... so back to 2009 and how nice it is to have that fresh start..... here's a tilt of lizzie's 2009 resolutions.... which my 5 year old, lulu, told me today "means promises, momma"... 

*be more present with people in face to face encounters
*stay in better touch with my old friends
*sketch more
*abstract more + get super free with my new pieces- a.k.a.- let go 
*list more of my works on etsy and promote them
*create just for the sake of creating... no deadlines- just good old creative energy shining out my windows
*try to love doing the laundry like my amazingly positive momma (aka- super nana, says little julio)
*find my silly bone more often
*make more lists that are crazy fun + easy to check off
*take an art class in a new media
*go make dinner 

here's a painting that makes me think of resolutions (or as lulu reminded me; promises)

i promise. painted november 2008.

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{kara} said...

this painting is wonderful. One of my list items for 2009 is start painting again.. you inspire me as always, dear lizzie.