Wednesday, November 12, 2008

random bliss

i'm on my way to california!
this morning i ran over the boxes we left for recycling with the car- on my way to get our tres kiddos to school... i could not get the key to pop out of the clever little volvo fob. swell morning so far (my back door neighbor witnessed it & called to check on me later- the dear)! actually, the glee of the impending lift off has me walking on clouds today... i'll surely miss everyone & everything i'm racing away from today- but pfew- i needed a little rest.
i love escaping into my projects... into lists of dreams, into paintings, and a good book. i'm just starting a book called the lazarus project. curious about it.

a friend of mine is amazing at making lists of things she likes today, aka: tilt, things i like today. here's my tilt:
*playdates that end up being ugly doll creation parties (see photo)
*julian's naked bum running around yelling barack obama!
*the page from some old children's book that's sitting at my desk with a picture of a lady carrying a basket and she's wearing a lovely blue and white stripey dress.
*cookies with extra dark chocolate!
*ballet flats with bobbles
*paintings with intense color- like the daniel richter exhibit we have that the denver art museum right now
*a funny game called goober's lab on webkins (yes, indeed- i'm a huge geek)
*pomegranates & persimmon
and like my friend says, that's about it... oh, except i forgot to share that like packing sun-dresses in my suitcase in november, too. random bliss.

things i don't like today:
recycling boxes stacked behind mother of 3's volvo. :)