Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have a little show tomorrow at a sweet flower shop called Amore Fiore in the neighborhood where i live. the pieces i've done for this show number 30. they are all inspired by love.
this one is about the way i felt yesterday. dreaming + sure.
"let go + believe" 6" x 6" ink and acrylic on canvas

i love the high contrast next to the low contrast, the peach next to the navy.... i wanted to leave my lines free of color- like a coloring book- waiting for paint. it actually makes me think of this song that i still don't know the name of. (doesn't it just bug you when you can't trace a song?)
it's about making connections that are real. real live organic connections, unlike the kind we all have with our techy toys of today.

i'll share some more pics from this series after i hang it tomorrow! can't wait!

we are about to list our house- so i moved my studio space into our laundry room in order to make it look like "normal" people lived here- i was anxious to see if i could actually get any work done in that room- and guess what! the space actually works really really well. It's truly too whimsical + magical in here to do just laundry! See:soooo... speaking of space... i just stumbled upon the work space of this ├╝ber amazing artist i am a fan of :nathalie lete from paris. she paints, she makes rugs, she designs an earth-ware line for anthropologie, and makes art out of truly everything she touches. her workshop space makes me feel happy and brave. to see images of her pretty world is a delight to my soul... it's exactly the way i think about space and color. everywhere i go, i dream of doodling on the walls- the surfaces- playing with fabric like it was paint... i can see that this artist does too. i adore ms. lete.

happy wednesday,
l i z z i e