Saturday, January 31, 2009

a few of my winter projects.................
this "soap in a coat" (see below) happened in palm desert of all places to do something so cozy. i was with my dear cousins on a girls trip + we got crafty, of course... these are the best little treats. a soap wrapped in a ready to go wash cloth. the suds are amazing and the wool is so fun to work with.
here's the best place in denver to buy roving wool for your projectiness! FANCY TIGER

it's not the most clear image- but, you must know that the silly man on my little peachish badge here is a fave from the wonderful little folk art project i did with my dear friend + business mate- kim... we spent hours devouring vintage children's books and making custom folk art jewels with our finds. This lil number was just never destined to go up for sale- he's a vintage illustration of a butcher- which makes my infatuation with his image immensely funny- as i've been a vegi for nearly 30 anos.

i'm planning to make more for a few shows in march... stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

p & t finished

Monday, January 19, 2009

late nights wrapped in poignant & tuggy painting



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
at first, i stayed up to clean the kitchen....
then i stayed up to paint.
now i have a piece called poignant and tuggy. 
i've tried to document the process (see above)... this piece happened so fast. its amazing what inspiration can do. its so good because i was invited to do a show in march... i'm thrilled to have a new project.
but, what i want to share right now is how lovely it is to have music for company. thank you to radio head tonight... and the rush of feeling i get when i hear your in rainbows magic. weird fishes makes my stomach want to flip & gives me the chills.

*made up words like tuggy or biggish or peanutbuttersandwichish
*bounce houses
*eka pada rajakapotasana, aka mermaid pose
*frosting, especially butter cream doctored up with pomegranate molasses

so that's it for tonight- i'll go put my head to bed. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

silly bone

i'm procrastinating. so i wanted to share this funny funny wedding idea.

 its so silly... i saw it on a wedding blog i found through my sweet + talented friend kara's blog.... (you know how the chain of surfing the web can be- it just sucks you in!!! like a mustash. ew!) and the mustashes are extra funny to me today after i answered my random question on my blogger profile. if you think this is silly like me, then look at ange thielk's etsy page. she makes hilarious custom beards. here's a pic of our seven year old, T, wearing a stash, too. he was four years old in this shot. i'm going to go read him a story now. we're enjoying the tale of desperaux. night y'all.
 these silly crocheted stashes are from an adorable blog i just found- (several moments after this entry was originally written) the things i saw on this lovely little page made me swoon... (not hard being that tomorrow is valentine's day and i am functioning on 3 hours of sleep after pouring my heart out to all i adore- who's address i keep!) be sure to check out: Wunderkammer!

oooooh nine!

happy O-nine! here's new inspiration for some lovely art: i found this today in the new york times. but first, can i just say, my goodness!!!!? what in God's green earth is this amazing man, jeff scher??? is he really a human- well the answer is obvious- yes-indeedily-do! there would be no other way he could capture the human heart and love in such sentimental ways.... 
please take a look at this article and play the clip: you won't remember this either by jeff scher + enjoy. oooooooooooooooh, i heart jeff scher & his amazing works. but, of course you can you see why. his amazing way with subjects, color, music, composition, line & movement, the way he captures the familiar and sneaks sweet surprises into the film. i dream of having a wall of his works. for the love- tulips makes me swoon.

okay... so back to 2009 and how nice it is to have that fresh start..... here's a tilt of lizzie's 2009 resolutions.... which my 5 year old, lulu, told me today "means promises, momma"... 

*be more present with people in face to face encounters
*stay in better touch with my old friends
*sketch more
*abstract more + get super free with my new pieces- a.k.a.- let go 
*list more of my works on etsy and promote them
*create just for the sake of creating... no deadlines- just good old creative energy shining out my windows
*try to love doing the laundry like my amazingly positive momma (aka- super nana, says little julio)
*find my silly bone more often
*make more lists that are crazy fun + easy to check off
*take an art class in a new media
*go make dinner 

here's a painting that makes me think of resolutions (or as lulu reminded me; promises)

i promise. painted november 2008.