Monday, September 29, 2008


I have recently been commissioned by several families to do some very special works. It seemed for a few days in a row that a new work would come my way every day! They say when it rains it pours and I have had the honor of painting for some really special people celebrating really amazing life moments- one as she turns 60, another as their 50th wedding anniversary is recognized, a breast cancer survivor, a celebration of achievement in a prestigious ballet troupe, and a dear family as they welcome baby numero dos. All these works are so moving- just putting these stories into paint & symbols in my own quirky, colorful, floral way is so energizing. I feel blessed by God for this downpour of work. And now off I go... to work, work, work. Its been a busy fall. And I'm thankful for this pace. I adore these gifts I get to help make for all these amazingly powerful moments. This time in our history is, as a friend put it so positively, "fascinating"! I am trying to fill all of my work with light, love, hope, dignity, respect, honor, & peace. These are the intentions I have set for these works. I so hope the sentiment is felt.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There is something about those pink dish washing gloves that makes me so warm inside. I think I got to wear them at the kitchen station in my kindergarten montessori class... My friend, Alli, here graciously posed for me in one of my goofy inspired moments. You just never know when inspiration is going to take hold & give your heart a squeeze.

Like flowered swim-caps.... 
Speaking of... I was at an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum this summer. It was called Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism & a lady near me whispered to her companion: he must have been really into red heads... I looked to see what she saw & sure enough the figures all had red hair... but I felt fairly certain they were swim caps. Maybe one day I'll look into it. 

Easy for me. I have, what you'd call, a thing for swim caps.