Friday, November 5, 2010

Summertime 2010 . . . . . . Art & Love

Summertime is my favorite. I almost like it as much as color, giggles, the sea, whispering, + you.

This summer flew by in a FLASH. My four-year-old, Julio, renamed himself Lightning Bolt and gave me the name Mommy Lightning Bolt. And it fits. We are all moving and changing so fast.

Summer 2010 delivered so many moments that added to my new work in such a powerful way... For the curious: new motifs in my allegorical work: wind (power + change), asphalt (paths), berries (blessings), circles (metaphors + signs + visions)...

This is how we spent our superspeedysummer2010............ traveling America!




Los Angeles, California!

Vail, Colorado!

South Dakota!



Seattle, Washington!

Bainbridge Island, Washington!

Friday Harbor, Washington!

Orcas  Island, Washington!

Portland, Oregon!


Las Vegas, Nevada!

Amazing Utah!

Back to school in Colorful Colorado!