Thursday, August 7, 2008

late nights & messy dining rooms that pretend to be studios

Its tomorrow already!
I am up painting and choosing colors for my new portfolio site. Its pretty fun- but I'm wiped out & my dining room/studio has looked like this (see pic) for the last week and I was in NYC for a huge part of that
 ++  the coolest thing is this: we spent my 1st day back at home in this room. Teddy working on his Mission to Mars Legos... Lulu played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over & over (is that where I got this headache?) and Julian played a little game with his wooden trains under the table- saying "Thank you, Mom" over and over. I don't know what he was profusely thankful for- but he certainly knows the right buttons to push!

Its funny that the living room/studio has bled into the dining room now, too. Since its summer- we eat most meals in the pretty garden in the back of the house- so we don't necessarily need this space... I'm enjoying reflecting on the space, the time, and the light here. Perhaps OVER-thinking it & should just get back to work and paint something or GO to BED!

Happy Ribbon Day!
I like ribbon day- and I plan to celebrate it tomorrow. This is a picture of ribbon day in the dining room from my last show... 
let me explain.....................
                     I love to play with yards and yards of pretty vintage & unusual ribbon from my amazing ribbon drawer (often stocked by Bobby- who knows that coming home with a bag of pretty ribbons with make me weak in the knees!)  I make little ribbon frames around my wood panel paintings. Its so wonderfully colorful.

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