Thursday, August 14, 2008

Innocent words that tug on the heart strings...

I love listening to seven year old conversations... my little boy Teddy has a friend over. They're half paying attention to Star Wars on DVD & half building make believe space ships with legos. One just said to the other- "wouldn't it be cool if I had the force?" I wanted to chime in and say- you do have it- its NOT losing it that counts.
My little show at Talulah's went really well. I loved that it was
8/8/08. Such amazing friends came to support me. We had our kids attend this time- which was important to me. I really wanted them to be a part of the night. At one point my son came over to ask me a question and noticed my work on the wall behind me. His eyes got big and he said: "Can I buy that one. I like that one the best!" His sincerity was so sweet. I'll have to give him the bee painting if it remains part of the collection at the end of the month.
I'm excited about the exposure this show will gain- my friend Robin who owns Talulah Jones is bringing the show to a "green marketplace" at the Democratic National Convention.
A few pieces from this collection were painted in the spirit of the convention... one called "the end" & another called "hope". The dove bird in the painting behind me in this photo (left) is sweeping through the frame with a yellow sash that has the word hope "cut" into it. The word is actually the base color of the painting- the tinted primer...

So in a sense the word hope in this painting is actually "negative space"- yet made quite positive. Are you following me?

A funny side note: I was going to title that piece- "Blind Hope". I was not compelled to give the dove eyes. Yet, the criticism I received about this painting was that it was spooky without eyes... so I brought a paintbrush & paint to Talulah's- long after the piece was hung and added 2 tiny dots. A gift to the spooked. I'm going to need to watch how sensitive I am to such criticism. My friend in Boston (who is not that into birds) might have made a small comment and the dove would have been painted out all-together. Not really.

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