Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A 6am moment in August, Central Park Yoga

We are are up after a short summer's sleep and off for a jaunt in Central Park. Yep, I'll bring my camera. I'd share a pic of this moment... but my bed-head just wouldn't be pretty.
This is my last morning in NYC and I have that happy anticipation of going home to my family.
But, there's that pang of remorse that I'm leaving this place a bit too soon. Without a visit to my friend Jenni's favorite museum or a spin through the MoMA or the Met. Even so- its just about 6:30am and we're up and at it.
Can I just say... I think I've gained 6 lbs... at least, in 3 days. The food is so yummy! Amy & Chas take such good care of us while we're here.

Here's the photo of what came of this touristy morning in NYC:

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