Friday, August 15, 2008

Inspiration from the garden

I love flowers. I mean: I LOVE flowers.
Look at this poppy that came up from seed in my shade garden!!!!!! The white ruffles edges make me weep. The color, too. We had a handful of poppies with theses sweet white ruffled edges- but most were a light coral color... also quite pretty... but nothing like the deep melon color like this one. All summer there were only a few of these beauties! One night it rained on one of them and the petals were scattered off to who knows where... maybe a fairy came a found herself a pretty skirt. I decided to scatter seeds in the shade garden amidst the hostas and impatience early this last spring- just to see what came of it.
Its the prettiest part of the garden.


I saw this dear hops plant- when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. My girlfriend, Sabrina, & I went for a lil jaunt in Central Park... it was such a stinky, humid morning... (see the entry about this delicious moment in an earlier post from early Aug.)

What a beauty!

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