Monday, September 29, 2008


I have recently been commissioned by several families to do some very special works. It seemed for a few days in a row that a new work would come my way every day! They say when it rains it pours and I have had the honor of painting for some really special people celebrating really amazing life moments- one as she turns 60, another as their 50th wedding anniversary is recognized, a breast cancer survivor, a celebration of achievement in a prestigious ballet troupe, and a dear family as they welcome baby numero dos. All these works are so moving- just putting these stories into paint & symbols in my own quirky, colorful, floral way is so energizing. I feel blessed by God for this downpour of work. And now off I go... to work, work, work. Its been a busy fall. And I'm thankful for this pace. I adore these gifts I get to help make for all these amazingly powerful moments. This time in our history is, as a friend put it so positively, "fascinating"! I am trying to fill all of my work with light, love, hope, dignity, respect, honor, & peace. These are the intentions I have set for these works. I so hope the sentiment is felt.  

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