Sunday, March 28, 2010

Art Art Art, I Want You

I share part of my brain with this one special friend. She is a HUGE part of who I am and she sent me this link today. It's GREAT. Click it. Really. It's just a quick little film about ART. And, Oh, the song.... thank you Tanya Davis for putting this piece out there. This line in the song by Andrea Dorfman, tugs at me: "My heart is trying hard to follow you, but I can't always tell if I ought to."

Above is a picture from "Spring Break"... Or what I like to call Spring Renewal. Renewal is my word of the day today. I plan to go to some tide pools to paint & meditate about this later today.... Renewal keeps coming up for me- and is a BIG part of the "Who Are You" show.
Here's one quick peek at me painting one of my favorite pieces from this series last week.... look at the look on Lu's face while she waits for me to help her with her homework. I think she's enjoying this "renewal" as much as I am. Except for one thing- I actually LOVE my work and bring it with me wherever I go.

This is an iphone shot of what that piece looked like on Friday.
 Can you see the sparkle in her eye?

I smell toast & sun screen. Funny. I wonder where the toast smell is coming from- is it in my mind?

Art Art Art, I Want You.
Yes, I dare.................................


Katie Riley Nakamura said...

love that kids loved it too...then they went and made some art :)

Lizzie Kienast said...

So fun that they liked it, too, Katie.
You have such a creative family... we read your book last night- it's just the sweetest.