Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My June has been productive. Amazingly so.
I'm hoping to achieve a few more goals this month with my work. I have 3 commissions and 2 logos! And I'm working on a series for a show & hope to really get into the meat of that work this month. The commissions come first. ¡Claro que si! One is complete & delivered. One 1/2 finished... and the 3rd is a copy of one of my earlier pieces.... so it will fall right out of me. Then its me time.

Here is a pic of commission #1 {a wee bit blurry as my little Julio has been using the Canon & is unaware of the virtues of a clean lens}... I'm amazed at how quickly this work went from pallet to panel. It was a labor of love- it came shortly after a painful loss. I adore these little turnips as you know- which you do if you know me. Look at the 2nd image to see my inspiration. I love the hooked root. I love how it's like a little hook- it certainly snagged my heart. I'm amazed by its color.

Speaking of color. My religion. I wish I had a photo of the rainbow I saw this Sunday. It was amazing. Simply HUGE. The spectrum was represented in triplicate! So freeeeeking cool.
It makes me giggle to think of clients asking me for a "natural" pallet. Hah! As if nature is not ROYGBIV itself. BTW, boring peeps- do you see brown in ROYGBIV? Yeah, Yeah, I know. Brown is all of them mixed together and is indeed the "earth tone"... but DUDES the spectrum is natural... I mean look at this darling little rainbow chard leaf:

I think my next family pet should be named ROYGBIV. We can call him "G". Bonus points if you can guess what kind of pet he'd be. :)
I miss you so.
My kiddos are eating popsicles. They're noisy and annoying. But, they're all natural. The OCA would be super proud.

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caroline joy said...

Hey Lizzie!
You're back! I love your artwork. Color is certainly your religion, your gospel! See you the 27th!