Sunday, February 15, 2009

¡lulu en rose!

for the love of kiddos. 

its in the the bliss that comes from a love so tender, so sweet, so innocent + full of colorful glee.
¡happy valentine's day, dear ones! february is usually so hard on me... you see, i'm a thing of summer... but this, my friends, this little lulu + her dear sibs are tugging me through these few grey days of winter:
             i could gobble this little pink thing right up!

+ here is some lu-girl inspiration:
i painted this the day after i met Vera Williams. what an amazing 82 year old angel. i have to share that julian + i read more, more, more said the baby often- and when sweet vera saw our julio- she said: "its little guy!"... i could hardly contain my slushiness. thank heavens for vera.


karimck said...

love. love. LOVE. LULU!

karimck said...

i love these shots--the kind-of muted colors remind me of childhood photos of myself. :)