Tuesday, December 23, 2008

some things i like today: (well, really a list of things i like everyday!)
* yarn ball bouquets -christmastime magic -colorful * party pails covered in vintage images and glitter!
* plastic junk jewels
* kelly corrigan's,
the middle place

-this yarn ball bouquet from a painting i did for the sweetest family... it makes me long for a day spent with a needle and some fiber arts (i keep a basket under my bed-side table of sewing projects- and always imagine a day when i might have time to work on them- last month i did get to work on embroidering a lovely flower on my yoga towel... see next photo)........ i adore the quiet days of christmas break...

... and i adore the magic of this season.

our kiddos are so excited to have a visit from santa. we have been reading eloise at christmastime today and now the kids have built a fort behind the christmas tree in the front room/art studio. its so sweet- except when lulu comes running into the kitchen yelling: " mom- julian just poked my bum bum with a screw driver!" my goodness- how did he get a screw driver in the 1st place? speaking of santa... this next pic is of one of the 200 little party pails my friend kim & i made for christmas and to sell at the sweet william holiday market. we had about 60 different images and every single one was a different color. it was color heaven for me. and the glitter was abundant (which is another slice of heaven). then- see the last pic... its of some of the playful badges we whipped up out of some lovely etsy finds... its all plastic and just as affordable as it comes. we got so into making these that we bought more supplies the day before our market- thinking we'd have all sorts of time to create more while we were there. no such chance- but oooooooooooh the fun we had creating new little goodies for christmas! i wish some of them had not sold. its been days since i've had a chance to pick up a paint brush- but, my word, this is a completely new and addictive creative outlet.

and the last thing on my "tilt" for today: reading great books!!!!!!! that's all. i gobbled up kelly corrigan's book: the middle place yesterday and its so worth picking up- okay?

merry chrismas................
l i z z i e

p.s. my amazing momma found pete!

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