Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear bloggery... is that what you call an online diary? Hum?
Its around 2 am in NYC and I'm staying at 6 Columbus with my Room Seven friends... here playing with an amazing spring collection hot off the design table in Holland! We've had yummy sushi 2 nights... and stuffed ourselves silly at rosa mejicana. I have seen so many inspiring concepts that I want to get back to the studio and paint... 
                Also fun~ I have had the chance to shoot some really cool photos of my room seven-girl friends... I'll share one in a moment when I upload them. 
I love this about NYC- the funky brand names on bags of chips (see photo of Sabrina & me dripping in sweat from the humidity & that drat steamer)... it feels like I'm in another country! 

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